Behind the Name

IRIS Sofarana

IRIS DOMAIN is a wine of passion: an all-estate organic producer of limited quantity, micro-cuvée wines. Carefully tended at an elevation between 1,000 and 1,200 meters, our vineyard covers just under 5 hectares of clay loam and limestone terraces near the villages of Btalloun & Bhamdoun.

Named after the rare & endangered Iris Sofarana, a native to Mount Lebanon. IRIS DOMAIN pays tribute to this land that offers such magnificent wines, by donating a portion of the sale of each bottle of IRIS DOMAIN to reestablish their stunning mascot in its natural habitat on Mount Lebanon.

In 2013, Sarmad Salibi, owner of the vineyard, launched a pilot project to reproduce the Iris Sofarana's tissue culture. The irises that are now growing in the vineyard are the first offspring of that project. His plan is to further grow this project agriculturally versus a lab, so that one day he could donate to each natural preserve on Mount Lebanon, for safeguarding for this collective progeny!