The Story

Our wine project saw the light of day in 2003 with a gift of a few hundred vines from our dear friend, Naji Boutros of Chateau BelleVue. The idea was to preserve the heritage of generations  past, through whose labour of love these terraced vineyards have passed on to our custody; so, when we began resurrecting our family vineyards we did it with one clear mission in mind: to create an unpretentious vineyard, growing high quality grapes for a Lebanese "vin de terroir" of premium caliber.  Interest in this passionate endeavour is growing, and we have become gratefully immersed in a community of discerning wine enthusiasts.

IRIS DOMAIN is named after the rare & endangered Iris Sofarana, which is endemic to Mount Lebanon. To pay tribute to this land that affords us such magnificent wines, a portion of the sale of each bottle of IRIS DOMAIN is applied towards reestablishing our stunning mascot in its natural habitat on Mount Lebanon.